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World Assembly

GCE GEN ASS PIC1GCE is a membership body and our work and policy are determined by our members. Our supreme governing body is the GCE General Assembly. It is held every three years and is a unique gathering of education campaigners and advocates from over 100 countries. As well as debating a wide range of issues relating to universal education, the meetings will also determine the shape of the campaign for the next few years.

All fully-subscribed members are entitled to attend the World Assembly and to a vote.

The World Assembly elects our Board, which meets face-to-face twice a year and holds regular teleconferences. The Board oversees the work of the campaign, the budget and guides the work of the Secretariat.


The Secretariat is the international staff body of the campaign which supports the development of the members, produces campaign resources such as advocacy reports and campaign materials and leads international campaigns and campaign launches.

2015: World Assembly V (Johannesburg)

GCE's 5th World Assembly was held in Johannesburg, South Africa 23-26 February 2015, and brought together 190 delegates representing civil society campaigns fighting for the right to education across 91 countries. 
Delegates discussed campaign priorities for the education movement now and for the proceeding four years of the GCE collective strategic plan. The core strategic focuses for the movement between 2015 and 2019 will be quality, equity, financing, public systems and the role of the State, transparency and citizen participation, and education in conflicts and disasters.

2011: General Assembly IV (Paris)

GCE's 4th General Assembly brought together more than 300 campaigners from GCE's member coalitions. Hosted by the French Coalition, Solidarité Laïque, the meeting was held in Novotel Tour Eiffel Hotel, Paris, 22nd - 25th February 2011.
Monday 21st February
Prior to the opening of the General Assembly, delegates from GCE gathered at UNESCO where regional member CLADE held a photo exhibition. More can be read about this exhibition on CLADE's Blog.

Tuesday 22nd February
The Assembly official opened on Tuesday 22nd February with a public conference: “Financing Quality Public Education: A Right for All”. The Right Hon. Gordon Brown MP, Kevin Watkins (Brookings Institute and formerly editor of the UNESCO Global Monitoring Report) and Lynn Murphy (Hewlett Foundation) joined many other distinguished speakers contributing to this one-day event. 

In the evening Solidarité Laïque and its partners organised and funded a special private screening of Draw Yourself, by the Director Gilles Porte.

Wednesday 23rd February
The official General Assembly was opened by GCE's out-going President Kailash Satyarthi. The day included presentations including the Board Report on the 2008-2010 Strategic Plan, GCE's audited accounts, feedback from the regional meetings, discussions on the 2011 Global Action Week and the future strategic plan. 

Solidarité Laïque hosted a gala dinner at Salons du Cercle Républicain, in the heart of Paris. Delegates heard from Monsieur Mouhieddine Cherbib, Président de la Fédération des Tunisiens pour une Citoyenneté des deux Rives (FTCR), who spoke inspirationally about the struggle in Tunisia, and the new emerging movements. 

Thursday 24th February
GCE delegates debated the proposed motions to steer the work of GCE for the coming three years. 
Download the 2011 General Assembly final resolutions in English
Download the 2011 General Assembly final resolutions in Español
Download the 2011 General Assembly final resolutions in Français
Download the 2011 General Assembly final resolutions in العربية
Download the GCE's three year strategic plan 2011-2013 leaflet in English
Download the GCE's three year strategic plan 2011-2013 leaflet in Français
Download the GCE's three year strategic plan 2011-2013 leaflet in العربية


2008: General Assembly III (Sao Paulo)

GCE's third General Assembly was hosted by the Brazilian Campaign for the Right to Education and held at the Novotel Jaragua Hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil 22 – 24 January 2008.

Download the 2008 General Assembly final resolutions in English

Download the Report of the 2008 General Assembly in English

Download GCE's three year strategic plan 2008 - 2010 in English

Download GCE's 2005 - 2007 Report in English


2004: General Assembly II (Johannesburg)

GCE's second General Assembly was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, home of the GCE Headquarters, 2-4 December 2004.

Download the 2004 General Assembly final resolutions in English

2001: General Assembly I (Delhi)

GCE's first General Assembly was held in Delhi, India 14-16 February 2001. It focused on the development of the global campaign, and agreed the GCE constitution. As the movement has evolved, the consititution has been amended to cater for the changing needs of the members. 
You can download the GCE Constitution below. Please note that the constitution below was revised in February 2015 following a quorate World Assembly of the GCE Membership in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Download the GCE Constitution in English                             Download the GCE Constitution in Español
Download the GCE Constitution in Français                            Download the GCE Constitution in العربية
Download the GCE Constitution in Português