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23/06/2017 - Gender equity in education is facing a serious setback in Peru following the intervention of conservative pressure groups in the approved new national curriculum, reports GCE’s natonal member coalition, Peruvian Campaign for the Right to Education... .. Read More
20/06/2017 - The ongoing conflict in Syria and the mass displacement of Syrian citizens has brought the refugee crisis to the forefront of news and conscience across every continent. The pre-conflict population of Syria was 23 million, but since the start of the... .. Read More
19/06/2017 - This year the Global Campaign for Education is proud to support the Global Week of Action on Tax Justice for Public Services (19-23 June 2017), as part of its work to ensure adequate financing for quality, inclusive and equitable public education. Tax... .. Read More
16/06/2017 - On the morning of 16th June 1976, around 20,000 South African school children left their classrooms and took to the streets of Soweto to protest against the proposed enforcement of Afrikaans as a language of instruction in schools. By the next day,... .. Read More
13/06/2017 - Joint statement by Global March Against Child Labour and Global Campaign for Education on the occasion of World Day Against Child Labour – 12th June 2017 Currently, more than 168 million children across the world are trapped in child labour. Children... .. Read More
26/04/2017 - YEMEN: As continued conflict takes its toll, civil society works to ensure education remains a priority The ongoing conflict in Yemen is taking its toll on the education system. Children are facing significant emotional and psychological damage - it’s... .. Read More
26/04/2017 - Every year, to mark Global Action Week for Education, GCE’s Danish coalition and its members run a campaign to promote quality education both nationally and globally, including giving teaching materials to schools all over Denmark. Students... .. Read More
26/04/2017 - GERMANY: Focusing on Education in Emergencies In light of the migrant and refugee crisis, GCE Germany (Globale Bildungskampagne) has focused on education in emergencies over the last two years. More than a million migrants and refugees crossed into... .. Read More
26/04/2017 - BRAZIL: Set-back for democracy and human rights in Brazil Following school closures and frozen public transport in February, a police strike in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo has resulted in more than 158 deaths, as the armed forces intervened.... .. Read More
26/04/2017 - Bangladesh: GCE members organise launch of Kailash Satyarthi’s global campaign in Bangladesh Government ministers, civil society organisations, celebrities and citizens – including hundreds of children – came together on April 2nd for the Bangladeshi... .. Read More