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02/11/2017 - With just 3 months left before the Global Partnership for Education's Financing Conference on 2nd February 2018 in Dakar, Senegal, civil society actors are working together to call for action on domestic financing for education from developing country... .. Read More
05/10/2017 - To deliver quality education for everyone, we need trained teachers: they are not only at the heart of learning, but also the foundation of strong, safe, and healthy societies. Enabling teachers to fulfil their potential results in enabling young people... .. Read More
05/10/2017 - Education has been the focus of many high-level UN events, but this year’s UN General Assembly truly put the spotlight on education – and particularly on the financing of quality, inclusive, equitable, and free education. GCE and its members have long... .. Read More
04/10/2017 - On September 26, 2017, the World Bank released the first-ever World Development Report (WDR) focused on education. GCE applauds the highlights on public, universal, quality education; however, it expresses strong concerns about key aspects missing from... .. Read More
01/08/2017 - 174 civil society organisations from around the world have today released a statement calling on investors to cease support for Bridge International Academies, a for-profit company running over 500 commercial private schools in the Global South with the... .. Read More
01/08/2017 - The Global Campaign for Education welcomes the 2017 G20 Declaration, Shaping an interconnected world, and its recognition of education as critical to delivering change, particularly for women and young people. GCE also welcomes the G20’s commitment to... .. Read More
12/07/2017 - July 2017 has seen a host of activity by the Global Campaign for Education, its members and its partners to hold governments to account for the commitments they made two years ago to deliver Sustainable Development Goal 4 on education. Education as a... .. Read More
07/07/2017 - GCE has joined 20 other national and international organisations calling on the government of Tanzania to end its hostile rhetoric toward civil society groups and threats to obstruct their work. The comments have targeted groups helping pregnant girls... .. Read More
07/07/2017 - Forty representatives and youth ambassadors from civil society, governmental and UN organisations met during the 29th African Union Summit to discuss the achievement of more and better-quality financing for education. Organised by the Global Campaign for... .. Read More
07/07/2017 - GCE has joined 93 other civil society organisations and individuals calling on the authorities of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) to immediately re-establish dialogue with the University Student Movement (Movimiento... .. Read More