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14/09/2018 -   Education 2030 Steering Committee Meeting September 2018 Dear All   I am happy to be here to present the Arab experience of civil society engagement in the High-Level Political Forum- the annual Global SDG review process, including the... .. Read More
13/09/2018 - International Literacy Day (ILD) is a critical reminder to all GCE members and education stakeholders that literacy is a key component of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of the targets for SDG 4 is to ensure all young people... .. Read More
11/09/2018 - Immediate Release Date: September 11, 2018 Contact: Lerato Balendran, GCE Communications Officer, lerato@campaignforeducation.org     Global Campaign for Education express serious concerns about new education financing... .. Read More
09/09/2018 - A few months ago a concept note appeared for an ‘Education Outcomes Fund’ (see https://www.educationoutcomesfund.org), produced by the Education Commission and the Impact Investment Steering Group. The ‘Education Outcomes Fund’ seeks to raise $1... .. Read More
05/09/2018 -   Immediate Release Date: September 5, 2018 Contact: Lerato Balendran, GCE Communications Officer lerato@campaignforeducation.org     Civil Society demands G20 countries make strong commitments on the Education 2030 Agenda Amidst... .. Read More
31/08/2018 -   Case examples from the Civil Society Education Fund programme   It is said that every dollar spent on research is worth ten spent on lobbying, and that evidence works as fuel for advocacy.  During 2016 and 2017, 38 national... .. Read More
28/08/2018 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: 28 August 2018  UN REPRESENTATIVES DEFEND MAINTAINING THE GENDER FOCUS IN THE NATIONAL CURRICULUM In response to a request for intervention from the Peruvian Campaign for the Right to Education (CPDE), representatives... .. Read More
23/08/2018 - Founded in 1999, the Tanzania Education Network (TEN/MET), is a national coalition of CSO’s vested in quality public education for all. The Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF) grant has supported the network since 2010. With 168 members, the coalition... .. Read More
15/08/2018 -   Palestinian Education Coalition (PEC) warns of the severe consequences on the education situation especially with the lack of funding of UNRWA. As we are approaching the new academic year, many UNRWA schools are at high risk of closure denying... .. Read More
13/08/2018 -                              I hope someday all world leaders will know the power that comes with including young people in shaping the future. Not only does it... .. Read More