GCE supports call for action as the crisis in student rights in Honduras deepens

GCE has joined 93 other civil society organisations and individuals calling on the authorities of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) to immediately re-establish dialogue with the University Student Movement (Movimiento Estudiantil Universitario: MEU), almost a year after an initial agreement to try to resolve the crisis was signed by both parties.

UNAH has been undergoing a process of reform, but the student movement has constantly argued that the process has offered no space for student participation. The student movement argues that many of the reforms are impacting negatively on the quality of their education. In July 2016, an agreement was reached to seek an end to the conflict, yet this has not been implemented. In recent months the crisis has escalated; as students have used their right to protest, the university has persecuted activists uses security services to violently surpress these demonstrations. This has resulted in the criminalisation of student protestors, and even the death of one student.

In light of the deepening crisis in student rights and the prevention of the defence of the right to education, the 94 organisations and individuals urgently call upon the authorities of the National Autonomous University of Honduras to immediately re-establish dialogue with the student movement, ensuring full compliance with the content and spirit of the agreements reached on July 20, 2016.  Such a dialogue is fundamental to overcome this prolonged and profound crisis.

Read the full statement here in English and Spanish.

Photo credit: MEU

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