Transformative education

GCE’s core mission is to influence governments to take the actions necessary to guarantee equitable quality education for all, on a lifelong basis, though effective and accountable provision of public education.
Throughout the years, the GCE’s Global Action Week for Education has focused on different target of the SDG4, which together define our vision for education. We put a strong focus on quality, with campaign raising awareness about the need for trained teachers; and about the need for increased literacy including adults and life-long learning. Inclusivity is another of GCE’s core belief and strong campaigning point, to make sure there is equal access to education without any discrimination based on gender or disabilities. We also believe that the right to education begins at an early age, and should be exercised from the start.
The financing campaign is thus run alongside key thematic campaigns, addressing other areas of our advocacy framework: quality, inclusion and lifelong learning.