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GCE is a membership body and our work and policy are determined by our members. Our supreme governing body is the GCE General Assembly. It is held every three years and is a unique gathering of education campaigners and advocates from over 100 countries.

As well as debating a wide range of issues relating to universal education, the meetings will also determine the shape of the campaign for the next few years. All fully-subscribed members are entitled to attend the World Assembly and to a vote. The World Assembly elects our Board, which meets face-to-face twice a year and holds regular teleconferences. The Board oversees the work of the campaign, the budget and guides the work of the Secretariat.

The Secretariat is the international staff body of the campaign which supports the development of the members, produces campaign resources such as advocacy reports and campaign materials and leads international campaigns and campaign launches.

2018: World Assembly VI (Kathmandu)

GCE’s 6th World Assembly took place in Kathmandu, Nepal,  16-18 November 2018. 300 participants from 100 countries gathered to discuss the future of the movement and develop strategies to defend the right to a free, public, quality education for all.

Campaign and advocacy priorities for the next four years have been discussed and adopted, a new strategic plan is being developed. The Constitution saw a few changes, notably the creation for the first time in the history of the movement of a dedicated Board seat for youth-led organisations. A new Board and President have been elected, signalling a strong will for change and a new direction for the movement. Among the distinguished guests, her excellency Amina J Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary General, came to deliver a powerful keynote address.

2015: World Assembly V (Johannesburg)

GCE’s 5th World Assembly was held in Johannesburg, South Africa 23-26 February 2015, and brought together 190 delegates representing civil society campaigns fighting for the right to education across 91 countries.

Delegates discussed campaign priorities for the education movement now and for the proceeding four years of the GCE collective strategic plan. The core strategic focuses for the movement between 2015 and 2019 will be quality, equity, financing, public systems and the role of the State, transparency and citizen participation, and education in conflicts and disasters.

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