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GCE Reports

RESOURCES 1Thematic Reports

GCE reports covering disability and inclusive education, quality, early childhood and adult literacy.




RESOURCES 3Education Financing

Reports and position papers on donor and domestic financing for education




RESOURCES 2Girls' education and gender

Focus on GCE reports covering gender equity, gender discrimintation and girls' education




RESOURCES 4Education post-2015

Position papers and statements from GCE and partners on the role of education in the post-2015 sustainable development agenda.




Tanzania GAW2015 TENMET







Good practice guides and toolkits

Resources for education campaigners including good practice from national education coalitions across a range of campaign and capacity-building issues, and toolkits to support monitoring of national education planning and quality of education.



RESOURCES 5Civil Society Education Fund

General information and reports on the progress, outcomes and evaluation of the Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF) 2011-2014.




RESOURCES 8GCE School Reports

Archive of GCE's 'School Reports', analysing the performance of donor countries' overseas development assistance (ODA). 




RESOURCES 7Members' and Partners' Libraries

Links to additional resources provided by GCE international and regional members and partners.





Thematic Reports



Equal Right, Equal Opportunity: Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities Global Campaign for Education and Handicap International, 2013

GCE's new report on education and disability synthesises current evidence around the scale of the challenge, highlighting levels of exclusion from education faced by children with disabilities, as well as outlining the common barriers faced in gaining access to a quality education. It also aims to set out the case for inclusive education systems. Finally, the report summarises the policy responses which can help bring down the common barriers. The report was written with the support of GCE member, Handicap International.

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Mother-Tongue Education: Policy Lessons for Quality and Inclusion Global Campaign for Education 2013
This GCE policy briefing highlights the increasing body of evidence in support of mother-tongue learning from early years education, with the intention of informing educational language policies and supporting better quality educational outcomes.
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teachers report thumbEvery Child Needs a Teacher: Closing the Trained Teacher Gap Global Campaign for Education and Education International 2012
To ensure everyone can realise their right to education we must make sure everyone has access to a trained teacher. However, there is an acute shortage of teachers. To get every child into primary school, we need 1.7 million more teachers – 1 million more in Africa alone. In addition, each teacher must have quality initial and ongoing training. This report is part of GCE's Every Child Needs a Teacher campaign and identifies the gaps in the supply of teachers needed to achieve quality education for all.
Download in English                                                 Download in Español
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res 1Rights from the Start: Early Childhood Care and Education Global Campaign for Education 2012

This report highlights the disastrous impact of neglecting early years care and education. The report was written on behalf of GCE by Vernor Muñoz, former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education, with contributions from Emeritus Professor Peter Moss of the University of London and Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova. 

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writing wrongs thumbWriting the Wrongs: International Benchmarks on Adult Literacy Global Campaign for Education, November 2005
Based on original research conducted by GCE, this report identifies five compelling reasons to invest in adult literacy and offers benchmarks to drive achievement of the Education For All adult literacy goal.
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res 15

Learning to survive: How education for all would save millions of young people from HIV/AIDS Global Campaign for Education, 2004

This analysis suggests that if all children received a complete primary education, the economic impact of HIV/AIDS could be greatly reduced and around 700,000 cases of HIV in young adults could be prevented each year – 7 million in a decade.

Download in English 




Education Financing

GCE EFC RESP THUMBResponse to the Education Financing Commission report The Learning Generation: Investing in Education for a Changing World Global Campaign for Education, September 2016

GCE's formal response to the report of the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity, The Learning Generation: Investing in Education for a Changing World. 

Download in English.





cover financing policy briefing Aug 2016

What the Education Financing Commission should recommend: A policy briefing Global Campaign for Education, August 2016

In this policy brief, GCE shares the key messages that civil society expects to see coming out from the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity, when its report is launched in New York on 18th September 2016, and outlines the critical issues that the Commission must address.

Download in English                                             Download in Español                                                
Download in Français                                             Download in العربية    
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FC RESPONSE THUMBGlobal Campaign for Education Response to the Education Financing Commission Consultation Global Campaign for Education, May 2016

GCE and its members actively engaged in the consultation run by the International Commission for Financing Global Education Opportunity to ensure that the experience and political demands of citizens were given voice in this important move to increase financing for global education. GCE received 60 responses, with respondents representing all world regions, and international/regional/national organisations and coalitions. 

Download in English



AID WATCH 2015 thumbEducation Aid Watch 2015 Global Campaign for Education, 2015

This report, compiled by GCE and its members in donor countries, documents a failure to provide the pledged donor support for the Education For All and Millennium Development Goals. Education Aid Watch 2015 shows that while a few donors have stepped up to provide significant and good quality aid, others have neglected their pledge, leading to an overall picture of wholly inadequate support for the goals that the whole world agreed 15 years ago. 

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FTF2014 thumb smlFund the Future: an action plan for funding the Global Partnership for Education Global Campaign for Education, 2014

This report sets out how the crisis in education funding continues to rob children and their communities of opportunity, the important role that the GPE has and can continue to play in supporting access to and improvements in education and calls on donors, developing countries and the private sector to pledge at the 2014 GPE replenishment event their support for wider efforts to increase education funding and opportunity.

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A Taxing Business: Financing Education For All Through Domestic Resources Global Campaign for Education, 2013

The Global Campaign for Education's report, A Taxing Business: Financing Education For All Through Domestic Resources, identifies four major steps towards achieving increased domestic resources, primarily through improved taxation and revenue-generation from natural resources, and the vast impact this could make on ensuring quality, public education for all.

Download in English                                             Download in Español                                                
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Education Aid Watch 2013 Global Campaign for Education, 2013

GCE's Education Aid Watch 2013 looks at the efforts of 11 donor countries in which the GCE has an active coalition – Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the USA. It contains a detailed national profile for each of these 11 countries, which has original research from the coalition of the latest aid patterns. These outline the general trends and government priorities in aid to education, as well as giving specific recommendations for that country’s aid programme. 

Download in English

res 2
A more ambitious, effective Global Partnership for Education: New briefing by civil society organisations Global Campaign for Education and Oxfam International, May 2012

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has become a major player in education aid; it has significant strengths but also major weaknesses. This briefing, co-authored by GCE and Oxfam International and published by 5 global/regional networks and 9 INGOs across the GCE membership, aims to provide recommendations to remedy those weaknesses. 

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res 4
Fund the Future: Education Rights Now Global Campaign for Education, November 2011

This report calls for urgent increases and improvements in aid to education if the world is to have any chance of meeting the Education for All goals by 2015. Despite recent gains in education, 61 million children are still without the chance of an education. The report has been written by global education experts - and pulls together ten key principles for financing the future of education, and achieving Education for All.

Download in English



res 7
Education on the Brink: Will the IMF’s new lease on life ease or block progress towards education goals? Global Campaign for Education, 2009
This report, written in the midst of the global economic crisis, makes the case for investment in education. It outlines the obstacles to expanding investment in education – and scrutinises how the traditional policy conditions and recent policy changes made by the IMF affect education. 
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res 14
Broken Promises? Why donors must deliver on the EFA Action Plan Global Campaign for Education, September 2003
This report was produced to urge donors to commit to the promises made repeatedly to achieve Education for All through increased financing.
Download in English 




Girls' education and gender

CEDAW THUMB AGCE Submission to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) on the Draft General Recommendation on Girls’/Women’s Right to Education Global Campaign for Education, July 2014

Article 10 of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women calls upon States Parties to “eliminate discrimination against women in order to ensure to them equal rights with men in the field of education.” CEDAW is developing a General Recommendation to interpret the definition, scope and expectations regarding the right to education, as outlined in Article 10; this submission is GCE's contribution to the development process.

Download in English



CEDAW THUMB BPrivatisation and its Impact on the Right to Education of Women and Girls Joint submission, July 2014

This report represents a joint submission to CEDAW by 13 civil society organisations and coalitions regarding the negative impact of privatisation on the right to education of women and girls, and was informed by extensive online consultations and a face-to-face meeting involving 12 national education coalitions, alongside regional and international organisations. 

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GIRLS CTA THUMBGender Equality in Education: Shaping the Global Policy Dialogue Joint Call to Action April 2013

This Joint Call to Action was presented by GCE, Plan International, UNGEI, the Global Partnership for Education and the Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE) Bangladesh during a roundtable at the Learning for All Ministerial Summit in 2013.

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res 3

Gender Discrimination in Education: The violation of rights of women and girls Global Campaign for Education, February 2012

This report presents the results of a GCE survey of children and teachers conducted November 2011-February 2012. It highlights shocking disparities of experience between genders, with evidence that girls around the world are experiencing gender discrimination from the age of just seven years 

Download in English
res 5
Make it Right for Girls Global Campaign for Education and Results, August 2011

This report, co-authored by the GCE and RESULTS, shows that millions of girls are being forced out of school because of poverty, child labour, early child marriage, the threat of sexual violence, inadequate and poor-quality schools. It examines 80 poor countries, with DRC, Egypt, India, Iraq, Nigeria and Pakistan among those countries failing to respect the rights of girls to an education.

Download in English                                                   Download in Español
Download in Français                                                 Download in العربية
GIRLS CANT WAIT THUMBGirls Can't Wait: Why girls’ education matters, and how to make it happen now Global Campaign for Education, March 2005
This paper was presented during the UN Beijing+10 Review and Appraisal in 2005, the year in which the Millennium Development Goal to achieve gender parity in education was due to be completed. It sets out a plan for the realisation of this goal in order to transform the lives of millions of women and girls.
Download in English
res 12
A Fair Chance: Attaining Gender Equality in Basic Education Global Campaign for Education, 2005 
This report was produced to inform the work of education campaigners in the field of gender equality, including nine country studies from Africa and Asia to exemplify the progress and the huge strides that remain to be made to achieve this goal.
Download in English                                                   Download in Français 

Education post-2015


Submission to the Committee for the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Response to Draft Article 24 General Comment on Inclusive Education. The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) and the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC). January 2016.

Download in English





Time to Get it Right: Lessons from EFA and the MDGs for Education 2016-2030
GCE's civil society review of the last fifteen years of Education For All. This report analyses the delivery of Education For All from 2000-2015, drawing upon the wide variety of experiences of civil society education campaigns around the worldwide, and identifies five key lessons for the future.

Download in English
Download in Français
Download in Español
Download in Português
Download in العربية


Vote For Quality Education - GCE position statement, May 2015
Download in English
Vote For Safe Education - GCE position statement, May 2015
 Download in English

UNSG RESPOSE THUMBThe Road to Dignity by 2030: Ending Poverty, Transforming All Lives and Protecting the Planet: GCE Response

This is our formal response to the UN Secretary-General’s Synthesis Report on the Post 2015 Development Agenda entitled “The Road to Dignity by 2030: Ending Poverty, Transforming All Lives and Protecting the Planet”, considering the report from an education perspective. The text of the original report can be accessed in the official UN languages here. The Synthesis report is a critical input into the political negotiations in the run-up to the finalisation of the Post-2015 SDG agenda.

Download in English




POST2015thumbEquitable, inclusive and free: a collective vision for quality education beyond 2015

GCE believes that there must be a specific goal on education in a global post-2015 development framework, and continuation of the Education For All agenda after 2015, and that both must be grounded in a human rights perspective. Following a thorough consultative process with civil society coalitions and organisations, the Global Campaign for Education has produced a proposed education goal for education within the post-2015 development frameworks. 

Download in English                                                  Download in Português
Download in Français                                                 Download in العربية 
Download in Español                                        NEW! Download in Italiano  



The Right to Education in the Post-2015 Development Agenda: GCE Statement Global Campaign for Education 2013

GCE believes that there must be a specific goal on education in a global post-2015 development framework, and continuation of the Education For All agenda after 2015, and that both must be grounded in a human rights perspective. This statement is the culmination of the extensive consultation undertaken by GCE amongst its members on recommendations for education in the post-2015 development frameworks.

Download in English
RTE JOINT STATEMENT THUMBThe Human Right to Education in the Post-2015 Development Agenda Joint Statement 2013
GCE is one of twenty two civil society organisations calling for the human right to education to be recognised and placed at the heart of the post-2015 development framework by member states of the United Nations. Following several rounds of reporting from a variety of the groups informing the development of the post-2015 goals, there is real concern that the human right to education will not form the heart of the development goal on education.


Download in English
GCE post2015 docRealising the right to education for all: GCE Discussion Paper on Education Post-2015 Global Campaign for Education 2012
During 2012-2013 GCE has consulted with its membership to develop a strong statement of what we believe should come next in terms of post-2015 international frameworks and agreements on education. Based on the huge response, we have produced a discussion paper that aims to synthesise and summarise reflections on previous frameworks, and priorities for post-2015. 
Download in English                                                 Download in Español
Download in Français                                               Download in العربية
Download in Português



OSF Case Studies F 3-1 thumbNew resources for civil society education coalitions: Using human rights tools to tackle the negative effects of privatisation on the right to education - 2015

For the past 18 months, a number of international, national and local organisations have worked together to research and assess the effects of the growth of privatisation in education from a human rights perspective in 8 countries. These include Morocco, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Brazil, Chile and Nepal, and in the UK, organisations have examined the impact of development aid to support to private education in developing countries. This work, led by the Global Initiative on Economic Social and Cultural Rights (GI-ESCR) in Partnership with the Privatisation in Education Research Initiative (PERI) and the Right to Education Project (RTE), has led to statements and recommendations from key UN rights bodies, and contributed to reports by the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education to the UN General Assembly and the Human Rights Council on the impact of private actors on the right to education.

These efforts have fuelled national advocacy and dialogue with governments, private actors and other stakeholders on the issue of privatisation – and created an effective methodology that civil society can use to tackle issues of privatisation in education in their countries. The methodology can easily be replicated by coalitions, including those with no prior experience of using human rights mechanisms. The three short briefs below provide an introduction to this work and explains how to get involved.

  • Private actors in Education & Human Rights: a practical methodology to tackle the negative effects of privatisation in education on the right to education

          Download in English                                 Download in French

  • Case Studies on: Parallel Reporting to Tackle Privatisation in Education

          Download in English                                 Download in French

  • How to use Human Rights Mechanisms

          Download in English                                 Download in French

More resources can be found here:
http://bit.ly/PrivatisationMethodo and for questions please contact Sylvain Aubry at the GI-ESCR: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Good practice guides and toolkits

HANDBOOK THUMBPlanning Matters in Education: A handbook for civil society participation in national education sector plan activities and processes Global Campaign for Education
This handbook has been developed to support civil society to actively engage in national-level education sector planning.
Download in English                                                Download in Português
Download in Français                                               Download in العربية
Download in Español
Organising Training Manual GCE Workshop Johannesburg 2015 image
Leadership, Organising and Action - manual from training workshop organised by the Global Campaign for Education, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, April 2015. Adapted for use by GCE.
Download in English
CSEF Case Study thumbnail CLADECivil society advocating for the right to education: stories and lessons learned from Latin America and the Caribbean CLADE, 2012
This publication has been produced with the objective of disseminating some of these actions and sharing lessons learned from these three years of project implementation
Download in English
Download in Español
CSEF CASE THUMBCivil society advocacy: good practice and case studies Global Campaign for Education, June 2014
This brochure looks at the examples of Ghana, Kenya and Mozambique in the areas of influencing policy, prioritising education in a national context and influencing the delivery of education. It has been compiled as part of the work of the Civil Society Education Fund.
Download in English                           Download in Português
Download in Français
Download in Español
Persuading powers thumbnail
Persuading Powers: Stories from Education Coalitions in Asia Pacific ASPBAE/GCE, June 2012
This booklet provides and in-depth exploration across 12 national education coalitions including Bangladesh, Mongolia and Vietnam of issues such as direct government advocacy, using Global Action Week as a platform for change and working across government departments to effect change.
Download the booklet in English
rws thumbnailReal World Strategies: A story of civil society advocacy Global Campaign for Education, July 2011
The Real World Strategies project was funded by the government of the Netherlands and provided crucial support to national education coalitions advocating for the right to education. This report includes case studies from Latin America, Africa and Asia across diverse areas including campaigns for transparency, mothers' education and working with out-of-school young people.
Download the report in English                                            Download the report in Français
Download the report in Español                                           Download the report in Português
Quality thumbnailThe Quality Resource Pack Global Campaign for Education, 2010
This pack is a product of an ongoing process undertaken by GCE to address the issue of quality education. Its aim is to offer national coalitions and education CSOs pertinent background information on the quality debate, goals, challenges and imperatives as well as concrete guidelines for organising participatory, action-oriented workshops targeting advocacy action plans on quality issues.
How to use the pack: download in English
Quality Pack Part 1: download in English
Quality Pack Part 2: download in English


Civil Society Education Fund

CSEF results leaflet dec14 FINAL EN-1
CSEF Results leaflet Global Campaign for Education, December 2014
Download in English
Download in Français

GCE map thumbMap of CSEF achievements since 2009 Global Campaign for Education

Download in English                                                  Download in Português
Download in Français                                                 Download in العربية 
Download in Español
CSEF RESULTS DEC13 THUMBCSEF 2013-2015: Results Report July-December 2013Global Campaign for Education
A review of activities undertaken and results achieved by national education coalitions funded by the Civil Society Education Fund for the period July-December 2013.
Download in English
Download in Français
CSEF GEN THUMBCitizen Participation and the Right to Education Global Campaign for Education June 2014
A brief overview of the Civil Society Education Fund outlining partners, objectives and outcomes of the programme to date. 
Download in English (updated May 2015)              Download in Português
Download in French                                             Download in العربية
Download in Español
CSEF thumbnail 1Good practice case studies from Africa Global Campaign for Education - June 2014
A booklet providing five examples of good practice delivered by African civil society coalitions through the Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF).
 Download in English                              Download in Português
 Download in Français                             Download in العربية
 Download in Español

GCE School Reports

The GCE School Reports series (2003 - 2010) identified where progress has and has not been made in the achievement of Education for All across the world. Countries are given a score and grade according to achievement against indicators including the achievement of universal basic education (UBE), spending on education, numbers of enrolments and growth, access to trained teachers and learning materials, equity for disadvantaged groups and delivery on promises made at Dakar in 2000.
res 6
Back to School: World's Worst Places to be a School Child Global Campaign for Education, June  2010
Somalia and Haiti have topped a list of the world's worst places to be a school child in this report from the Global Campaign for Education, backed by organisations including Education International, Oxfam, Plan, Save the Children and VSO warned that poor countries are teetering on the brink of an education crisis with the growth in access to education now stalling.
Download in English 
res 8
No Excuses: Global Report Card Global Campaign for Education 2008 
Download in English                                                 Download in Español
Download in Français
res 9
Not Up to Scratch: Global Report Card 2007 
Download in English                                                 Download in Español
Download in Français
res 10
Underachievers: Global Report Card 2006
Download in English                                                 Download in Español
Download in Français
res 11
Missing the Mark: Global Report Card 2005:
Download in English                                                Download in Español
Download in Français                                               Download in Deutsch
res 13
Must Try Harder: Global Report Card 2003:
Download in English                                                Download in Français

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